Lord Elyrton is a producer, an artist, a filmmaker & photographer.

Lord Joss Albert Elyrton was born in Lord Elyrton’s dreams.

For a while the young lord lived in Transylvania, in a few kilometers from Count Dracula’s Castle. Maybe that is perfectly what influenced Lord’s outlook. Starting with his young age Lord was keen on underground art, Avant-guard artists’ creativity, mystic and psychology.

Having been in Transylvania Lord Elyrton addicted by the works of famous psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Phycology of unconscious conquered Lord. And a thought to create a new sort of Art – Unconscious Improvisation Art was appearing in his mind.

Lord made some attempts to create his own theatre based on Psychology of unconscious. But all his attempts crashed.

Joss Albert gave up his ideas for uncertain time and tried to do plain affairs. But according to his friends’ words remained an unadmitted genius.

In 2015 a muse appeared in Lord’s life. Lord keept her name in a secret thoroughly. Inspired Lord Elyrton renewed his dreams and ideas and created his own theatre – Elysium Theatre.

In 2017, Joss launched music projects.

Since 2021 Joss Albert Elyrton has been making movies.

In 2023 open Art gallery.

Currently, the residence of the Lord is in Bavaria. There, sitting on the bank of the Danube, walking in the Bavarian Forest and contemplating sunsets in the mountains, Lord Elyrton is inspired by new, unexpected ideas.