Child of the rain

A closed asylum. Nowadays. The hospital employs former patients who have found a shelter here. They live quietly, have little communication with the outside world, performing their simple duties day after day. They have a secret that unites them, and which they have already kept for a long time. Everyone in this hospital is in awe of the director. He has been running this place for more than a dozen years. Patients and clinic staff call him as “Dad”. It seems that no one and nothing can disturb these people‚Äôs habitual way of life.

But once, a little autistic boy, one of those who are called “Children of the rain”, appears in the hospital. Seeing how the hospital keeper drags the boy to “Dad”, people decide to reveal the secret. They confess that over the years, “Dad” takes small children, boys and girls, and rapes them. He keeps the grown-up children with him in the clinic, gives them a job and a shelter. People are bullied and scared. They are ashamed and afraid of telling the truth. But the case of a naive boy who lives in his own world and cannot even speak makes them act. They rush to “Dad”, demand to give them the boy back and threaten to call the police. “Dad” is once again trying to cow his ex-patients, but they can no longer be stopped.

From the hospital keeper “Dad” learns that the hospital workers have filed to a police about his crimes. “Dad” is stunned by this message, loses strength and asks the hospital keeper to help him relax. During the procedure, he falls asleep. In his sleep, he is tormented by nightmares. He’s trying to figure out who the “Requester” is. “Requester” of what?

Terrified, “Dad” wakes up; he is firmly convinced that they will soon come for him. Without waiting for that, “Dad” decides to commit a suicide. But the question is – does he shoot himself or is it done by the mysterious “Requester”?

This is an unreal story based on real facts.

About 300 million children around the world are abused every year.
One child dies from sexual abuse every 7 minutes all over the world.
United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF)

The characters, names and locations of the film are fictional. All matches are random.