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Elysium Theater

Elysium Theater is an underground theater working in Unconscious Improvisation Art genre. The main trends are installations and art performance, reflecting the depth of unconscious which takes place right here, on the stage often through improvisation of two witches images who lives in the theater. They are Lady Evil and Lady Chaste. And the spectator never knows who will win in the confrontation for individual unconscious on this perfect day right here and right now.

And absolutely other vims act here. That’s why natural objects, people, cities, music, all included in the art idea interpret in a completely new way by the participants and spectators,

Moreover the concept “spectator” becomes very relative. The verges between art and non-art become vague. And every person, willingly or unwillingly turns into the participant of this action.

That’s why the performances of the theater are not alike. Elysium Theater is not only the stage action consisting of music and pictures living in the performance, architecture, movies, sculpture, all we can see around us and more that we can’t see. Images of Unconscious involve the spectator into the struggle and provoke his Alter Ego. Even the absence of the stage and scandal costumes sometimes evoke unexpected images and thoughts from spectator’s unconscious.

Unconscious Improvisation Art is provocative. It provokes the thought.

The founder of this trend is Lord Joss Albert Elyrton.